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Unleash Your Imagination

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A series of Sabers inspired by the Sci-fi movie Star Wars.
All Sabers in our collection are fully hand-crafted and only the best material goes into the sabers.
As the sabers are hand-crafted, no one saber is truly identical.
This is what makes our sabers special.
KitSabers is not affiliated or endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its affiliated companies.


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Sunday, June 13, 2010

This following Pike Saber was made out of a Metal Hilt. 3 Aluminum Claws are mounted around the front for the hilt. Hilt Length is 69cm measuring from Tip of claw to end.
When extended with a push on the Hilt latch(Yea now that i mention it can be extended woot! =D) it goes up to 101cm. That explains the pike saber. And the blade is around 60cm. So the total length is 161cm.
PS: If any husband is worried that your wife would chop you when you bring home a Reaper, you should be, for it is made out of a metal tube from a vacuum cleaner. So i guess she should be able to wield better =D
Activation Switch is a Matte Alu color switch and a red on/off LED.
Further detailing such as Leather Grips has been added on top and bottom side.
Lastly, this saber has a force action soundboard mod.

Hilt Length: 69cm
Hilt Extended Length: 101cm
Blade Length: 62cm
Blade Type: Polycarbonate
Batteries: 3 x AA 4.5V
SoundBoard: Force Action Sound Board - On/Off Flash,
Idle Humming, Clash Flash, Swing Hum, Idle crackle with flash.
For Sale : $280.00

Video Preview on REAPER


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