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Unleash Your Imagination

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A series of Sabers inspired by the Sci-fi movie Star Wars.
All Sabers in our collection are fully hand-crafted and only the best material goes into the sabers.
As the sabers are hand-crafted, no one saber is truly identical.
This is what makes our sabers special.
KitSabers is not affiliated or endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its affiliated companies.


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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Codename: CRUX - Meaning : Southern Star
Purple Blade with black matt hilt
A manual clash flash sensor is mounted on the hilt. Flash is silver light.
Fully Custom saber with 4 stainless steel studs located on the emitter.
Custom pommel, handgrips & O Rings

A Custom made Saber Name CRUX.
Blade Material: Polycarbonate Blade
LED: RGB LED (Main Purple)
Clash with Silver Light upon Triggering of Clash Switch
Batteries: 4 X AAA Each
No Sound Board
Price: S$200.00


YODA: "Do... or do not... there is no try
12:14 PM

Codename: SCORPIUS - Meaning : Scorpion

RGB LED with 3 Switch to switch between 7 colors.
Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Royal Blue, Gold & Silver.
Fully Custom Curve Hilt design.

A Custom made Curve Hilt Saber Name SCORPIUS

Total Length: 1100mm
Blade Length: 700mm
Blade Material: Polycarbonate Blade
LED: RGB LED (7 Colors)
Batteries: 4 X AAA Each
No Sound Board
Price: S$300.00


YODA: "Do... or do not... there is no try
12:05 PM

Codename: H Y D R A - Means Water Serpent

Fully Custom Curve Hilt Saber
LUX III LED - Orange Red
This saber has a 5 mode circuit board.
Low / Medium / High / Strobe fast / Strobe Slow


A Custom made Saber Name HYDRA.
Curve Hilt
Total Length: 1030mm
Blade Length: 740mm
Blade Material: Polycarbonate Blade
LED: Luxeon III LED (FIRE - Orange Red)
Batteries: 4 X AAA
5 Mode Circuit Board with the Following modes:
-Low / Medium / High / Fast Strobe / Slow Strobe
Price : S$200.00


YODA: "Do... or do not... there is no try
11:48 AM