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Unleash Your Imagination

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A series of Sabers inspired by the Sci-fi movie Star Wars.
All Sabers in our collection are fully hand-crafted and only the best material goes into the sabers.
As the sabers are hand-crafted, no one saber is truly identical.
This is what makes our sabers special.
KitSabers is not affiliated or endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its affiliated companies.


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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Above are some prototype sabers, 3rd party and a mod hasbro saber.

Sceptrum - Model after a Tonfa with 2 short blades at both end (Orange). (Prototype)

Unleashed - Model after Ahsoka Tano's saber (RED) (Sold)

Spartus - 3rd Party. Short and mod to look like a Futuristic Gladius . (Not for sale now)

Elektra - Twin Sabers with short Hilt and capable to change into a staff (GREEN).
(For Sale)

Mod Saber - Hasbro Obi Wan toy Saber mod with Luxeon III (Blue) LED (Not for sale now)

Banished - 3rd Party. A twin sabers staff mod to have claws and Grip (Red) (Not for sale now)

The B E A U T I F U L display of rainbow colors
Above are the First batch of sabers produced.
Sceptrum - Model after a Tonfa with 2 short blades at both ends (Orange) (Prototype)
Gacrux - Prototype saber given to a friend as a Birthday present.
Acrux - Prototype saber given to my brother.
Arcturus - A crazy idea to model after a electric terminal head. Crazy indeed.......(Sold)
Castor Gemini - My first Twin sabers with dark design on my mind hehe (Sold)
Polux Gemini
- My first Twin sabers with dark design on my mind hehe again (
Bellatrix - I figure if dark design looks good, how would a Jedi color combination be? (Sold)
Sirius - Evil comes with sound this round. With a cold steel ignition switch who wont want to lay their hands on this claymore. (Decomissioned)
Polaris Gemini - Not in the picture. My 2nd Twin sabers design to rival Castor & Polux. (Sold)

Regulus - Model after Obi Wan's saber. Cyan LED. Its Brightness is on par with Red (S

The names of the sabers are mostly named after Stars which i hope my my sabers would shine brightly upon your display =)
PS: They come handy when blackout happens too =P

Cheers, Kit Sabers


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